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Many times more convenient than concrete. No heavy equipment needed. Additional reflective devices must be used with concrete barriers to increase visibility.Safety Barricade, Plastic Barrier, Portable Barrier Alignment at the base helps keep barricades in position over uneven ground and for the duration of the project. No additional components required. Not limited to level surfaces.
Safety Barricade, Plastic Barrier, Portable BarrierMore effective and safer than drums, cones or other barricades. 'ROAD-RUNNER' safety barricades are visually more substantial. They command the respect of drivers and can be noticed from a greater distance away. Drivers can more quickly determine the route or lane change ahead.Safety Barricade, Plastic Barrier, Portable BarrierThe energy absorbing nature of water filled polyethylene barricades provides some impact attenuation when struck. The rounded, smooth and relatively soft surfaces limit potential vehicular damage. A traffic control device must be less hazardous than the hazard marked.
Safety Barricade, Plastic Barrier, Portable BarrierWater filled plastic barricades fill the visual void between small portable barricades and concrete barriers.Safety Barricade, Plastic Barrier, Portable BarrierRoad entrances can be completely closed off thus preventing errant drivers from 'sneaking around' the traffic control device.
Safety Barricade, Plastic Barricade, Portable BarricadePlastic Barricades reduce cost and handling. Avoids the cluttered and potentially confusing appearance when cones, posts, drums, tape, folding barricades, sand bags and roll-up fencing are used together. May save the cost of a traffic control person in some cases. Size reduces chance of theft.Safety Barricade, Plastic Barrier, Portable BarrierEffective in all weather conditions. Water can be dosed with salt or an environmentally compatible antifreeze to prevent freezing. In the event of freezing, it is unlikely the barricade will be damaged. All polyethylene used in 'ROAD-RUNNER' plastic barricades is stabilized against ultraviolet light.
Safety Barricade, Plastic Barrier, Portable BarrierMuch less likely to fly through the air than drums or wood and metal barricades when clipped by moving vehicles.Safety Barricade, Plastic Barrier, Portable BarrierPolyethylene used in 'ROAD-RUNNER' plastic barricades is 100% recyclable and can include recycled material.
Safety Barricade, Plastic Barrier, Portable BarrierAccessories, signage and reflective tape can be applied to suit customer or work zone requirements. Safety Barricade, Plastic Barrier, Portable Barrier 'ROAD-RUNNER' safety barricades are ideal as parking barricades and parking barriers for parking control in parking lots, parking garages and parkades.

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